Infraestruturas de Troia, E.M.

Waste Separation Rules

Proper household waste separation, will contribute to a better urban environment in Troia.
Resíduos domésticos


Resíduos domésticos: Depositar
Leftover food, nappies, CDs & DVDs, pots, pans, cutlery, plates, cups and saucers, windows and mirrors, cassettes, hangers, dirty paper towels, fat soaked paper, napkins and dirty tissues.

Do not deposit

Resíduos domésticos: Não depositar

Toxic waste, flammable materials, newspapers, magazines, packaging, glass, lamps, debris and bulky waste.

“Dead stock" bulky waste

Resíduos volumosos

Furniture, electrical appliances, large objects.

Schedule collection on 265 110 726/7

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