Infraestruturas de Troia, E.M.

Waste Separation Rules

Proper household waste separation, will contribute to a better urban environment in Troia.
Plástico e metal


Plástico e metal: Depositar

Water bottles, cooking oil bottles, butter and margarine packaging, juice bottles, plastic bags, mustard and ketchup tubes, vinegar bottles, styrofoam, bleach bottles, vases, shampoo bottles, engine oil tubs, detergent and hygiene product packaging, solid and liquid yoghurt packaging, plastic films, packaging from crisps and snacks, plastic cups, plastic caps and raffia bags (potato and onion), drinks cans, metal toothpaste tubes, tin cans, bottle caps, aluminium trays, milk powder tins, empty aerosols, metal champagne caps, condensed milk and fruit cans, milk cartons, wine packaging, juice boxes, cream and tomato pulp packaging.

Do not deposit

Plástico e metal: Não depositar

Fuel carboys, buckets, video tapes, pens, hangers, cds & dvds, corks and plastic cutlery, electrical appliances, batteries, pots, pans, tools and metal cutlery.

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Waste Separation Rules

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