Infraestruturas de Troia, E.M.
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Parking Enforcement

Inspection Agency No. 150 500 100 accredited by ANSR

In 2010, the Municipality of Grândola granted Infratróia the powers required for the operation of public parking in the Troia tourism development area. This included all administrative powers and public authority provided by law, including enforcement - through accredited agents - of the provisions of the Road Traffic Code and additional legislation in parks and public parking areas and Regulation of Traffic and Parking in Troia.

Under the Road Traffic Code and additional legislation, improper parking is prohibited by law.
Breach will result in an offence procedure that will result in a fine.
Articles 49 and 50 of the Road Traffic Code define the places where it is forbidden to stop or park. Those who breach these articles shall be punished with a fine of € 30 to € 150. However, in particular cases, the fine may be between € 60 and € 300.

Remember that you must NOT:
- Park your vehicle in such a way as to block the passage of other vehicles;
- Park on pavements and carriageways;
- Park in places reserved for disabled drivers;
- Park within five metres of intersections, junctions, roundabouts pedestrian crossing and cycle lanes;
- Park in such a way as to hinder the access of emergency vehicles to the beaches.
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