Infraestruturas de Troia, E.M.

Approved Water Quality Control Programme 2014

Approved Water Quality Control Programme 2014
The Water Quality Control Program is one of the requirements for agencies managing water for human consumption. Thus, Article 14 of Decree-Law No. 306/2007, of 27 August defines the conditions for the preparation and approval of the program.
As this is one of the obligations of the bodies managing water for human consumption, as in previous years, Infratróia produced a Water Quality Control Program and submitted it to the Regulatory Authority for Water and Waste Services (ERSAR). It was approved for 2014.
In total 12 samples are estimated, from the taps of consumers in the Troia supply area, involving a range of chemical and microbiological parameters.
This water sample is subjected to demanding and rigorous quality control in compliance with the legal requirements set out in international and European standards, which in turn are based on World Health Organization guidelines.
ERSAR oversees the quality control of the water carried out by the operators, and the municipal health authorities are also responsible for monitoring this control and they issue appropriate advice on possible health risks.
The sampling results are published quarterly by Infratróia and submitted to the Municipality of Grândola for publication in a Notice; they are also forwarded to the Council's Health Authority in compliance with the provisions of Article 17 of the Decree-Law.

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