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Study identifies risks on the Troia Peninsula

Study identifies risks on the Troia Peninsula
Safety is a major human concern, so it is important to reflect on the risks that are present on the Troia Peninsula and the need for integrated action between different agencies to create adequate safety resources.
Accordingly, on the morning of 9 April a presentation took place on the Initial Troia Peninsula Collective Risk Analysis. This analysis, which Infratróia commissioned ASPROCIVIL to carry out, involved a survey of the most significant risks and vulnerabilities in the Peninsula and was produced by Dr. Ricardo Ribeiro, commander of the Grândola Joint Fire Service.
Various public officials were in attendance, including the Setúbal and Sesimbra Ports Association, the Setúbal Port Authority, the National Guard, Setúbal Rescue Operations District Command, the Parish Council of Carvalhal and the Municipality of Grândola. The tourism sector was represented by members of troiaresort, Grupo Amorim Turismo and Grupo Pestana as well as the Aprosol and Viver Tróia homeowners associations.


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