Infraestruturas de Troia, E.M.

Message from the Board of Directors

Ending the first biennium of this directors mandate, is time to do audit to the job developed in this period.
If in 2014, we declare that it was a year of activity´s consolidation and preparation for a new cycle, this year 2015 was the beginning of this new cycle. It was a year for the widespread progress of the operational indicators of Infratroia, the company, gets involved with a widespread of the service provided to the customers. To support this progress, we reaffirm that our mission to be an organization recognized by the excellence of the providing quality services in the maintenance and management of infrastructure and public spaces or public use and a public-private management reference, actively participating in the development of Tróia Peninsula.
We do it focusing on continuous improvement of our teams and promoting the development of individual skills in order to maximize their performance. We promote the administrative reorganization of Infratróia putting it in new ways and processes that will help us meet the challenges that arise.
At the operational level, we renewed and started the process of strengthening infrastructure, increasing the responsiveness of Infratróia in a critical area, the uptake of water. We also defined a set of operational indicators by area of activity, which, together with those set by the regulator in this sector ERSAR (Regulatory Authority Water and Waste Services) allowed us to improve the quality of management and guide the company through the challenges that lie ahead.
It was also a year of strategic planning. At this point, we highlight the conclusion of the economic and financial model for the period 2016-2030, which aims, among other objectives, to ensure the economic sustainability of long-term Company, in particular the effects of urban development in its area of influence, and configure referrer a framework for economic and financial order, to aid in the medium and long-term management.
We contribute actively also collaborating with other stakeholders present in the peninsula, to the conclusion of the Special Plan of the Tróia Peninsula Intervention (PEIPT) that since May 2015, is part of the Municipal Plan Emergency Civil Protection Grândola.
Thus respond to the needs of the present without compromising the ability to grow in the future, promoting the sustainable use of existing resources. We want to understand the challenges involved in the management of our business, consolidating existing relationships and fostering new, steeling the competitiveness of the organization. We try every day to provide a quality service oriented towards the customer, a sustainable environment based on relationships of trust and ethics, with rigor and competence in making decisions that protect the interest of public assets under management, shareholders and its customers.
These are our challenges and our commitments to the next biennium.

The management of Infratróia, E.M.


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